Arystone Properties, the first industrialised housing for victims of the La Palma volcano begins.


More than a dozen people affected by the Tajogaite volcano opt for the industrialised Sismo system to build their new house on La Palma.

These are high quality dwellings, built with a modular system that is filled with concrete at its core.

Arystone Properties, Sismo’s representative – partner in the Canary Islands, estimates that the execution period will be around 9 months.

Tenerife, 24 July 2023. Single-family houses of 100 square metres at a price of approximately 1100 euros/m2, built under the ‘turnkey’ concept. These are the first 12 industrialised houses of Sismo Spain to be built on La Palma, after the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano in 2021 left thousands of people homeless.

This is a real and definitive solution for these families who are currently living temporarily in the containers or wooden houses that the Canary Islands Government provided for the victims. Some of them live in rented accommodation or in the homes of friends and relatives. Almost two years after losing everything, they are only a few months away from having a home in which to start again.

Their new industrialised houses do not differ in any way from a conventional house, neither in design nor in finishes. On the contrary, they are high quality homes, built with a modular system that, at its core, is filled with concrete. The only difference is the speed of execution, which will allow the houses to be completed in just 9 months from the start of the work.

This is the main advantage of Sismo technology, a system that is present in more than 80 countries around the world, and which has been applied for more than ten years to construction projects of all types in Spain, from detached and semi-detached houses to flat blocks and offices.

“They are homes that have nothing to envy to a conventional home, on the contrary, they are even better,” says David Hernandez, Technical Director of Arystone Properties, the developer and builder in charge of carrying out the work.

Industrialised construction, a real solution

Sismo Spain, Spain’s leading industrialised system, and Arystone Properties, a Canary Islands construction company, have been working together for years to build luxury industrialised housing in Tenerife and Gran Canaria. When the volcano erupted, leaving behind more than 7,000 displaced people on La Palma, it was clear to Arystone Properties that this type of project could offer a real and rapid response to the thousands of people who had lost their homes.

The Sismo construction system significantly improves execution times compared to traditional construction and other modular systems. Prefabricated systems usually boast that a house can be built in a few months, but this period does not include the time required for factory production, which sometimes exceeds 18 months, says Javier Rabadán, Sales Director of Sismo Spain, “At Sismo, when we talk about deadlines, we only and exclusively refer to the time needed to carry out the work on site, as the manufacture of our panels is also fast,” adds Rabadán.

In addition, Sismo Spain is an integral construction system, which allows the structure and insulation to be built at the same time. This means a considerable reduction in the execution time of the structural phase, of up to 60%, which translates into an early delivery of the houses, something even more necessary in the case of those affected by the volcano.

So much so that Arystone Properties has proposed its incorporation into the specifications that are being drawn up for the construction of subsidised housing that the Canary Islands Government will offer for sale as part of its measures to help the victims.

More sustainable houses with greater energy savings

The speed of execution is not the only advantage provided by this industrialised system. Its excellent thermal insulation is another of the added values that Sismo Spain brings to any construction project, providing homes with A and B energy rating certificates.

Its use in enclosures, separation of dwellings and floor slabs, allows direct annual energy savings of between 15% and 50%. This is largely due to the fact that the system itself eliminates thermal bridges and provides the home with a perfect envelope. In addition, it does not

It should not be forgotten that the Sismo modules are made of expanded polystyrene panels, which have an excellent thermal insulation capacity against heat and cold. This is due to the very composition of this material (98% air hidden inside 2% EPS).

To give you a figure, in Spain 42% of the energy consumed in the home is dedicated to air conditioning. If your home is well insulated, not only will you save money, but you will also gain in quality of life by enjoying an adequate temperature all year round.


It is one of the pioneering companies in industrialised construction in the Canary Islands. With more than 10 years of experience in the sector, it began its journey in 2012. Since then it has participated in various industrialised housing projects in our country, both single-family and multi-family (townhouses and apartment buildings) that have been carried out in different parts of Spain, Morocco and Portugal.

The main differential value of its industrialised system is that it allows the structure, enclosure and insulation to be carried out at the same time, which reduces execution times and considerably improves the structural quality of the homes.

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Arystone Properties, se inician las primeras viviendas industrializadas para damnificados por el volcán de La Palma.

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